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Valpolicella Ripasso DOC Classico Superiore 2017 – Novaia 🇮🇹



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Een wijn van de druiven Corvina, Corvinone en Rondinella met een diep rode kleur met een krachtige aroma van de Ripasso methode, een tweede fermentatie met de druivenschillen van de Amarone. Deze Ripasso heeft droge afdronk en is niet te krachtig beïnvloedt door de overrijpe druiven waardoor de wijn een goede structuur heeft met een prettige droge afdronk met goede balans, medium zuurgraad en verfijnde maar aanwezige tannines.

Valpolicella Blend (Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella)

Novaia – Valpolicella Classico (Veneto)

Red wine

Valpolicella Ripasso DOC Classico Superiore 2017 – Novaia 🇮🇹

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Vintage: 2017

QUALIFICATION: Valpolicella Ripasso DOC Classico Superiore – Organic wine

CERTIFICATION: Controlled Designation of Origin Guaranteed V.Q.P.R.D (quality wine)

GRAPE VARIETIES: Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella.

ORIGIN: From our hilly vineyards located in Novaia, in Marano di Valpolicella (in the province of Verona). Hilly vineyards in Valpolicella Classica (at 250-400 m a.s.l.), mainly exposed to south/south-east.

GRAPE HARVEST SEASON AND PICKING METHOD: Last week of September, manual harvesting of grapes.

VINIFICATION: Grapes are destemmed and crushed softly; fermentation takes place at controlled temperature in truncated-cone vans.

RIPASSO METHOD: A traditional vinification technique, which consists in refermenting (a second fermentation) the Valpolicella wine – produced in September – on grape skins, rich in alcohol and sugar, of Recioto and Amarone wines – produced in January.

AGEING: 12 months in wooden barrels, 4 months in bottle.

AGEING AND CONSERVATION CAPACITY: If stored properly, this wine is likely to age well up to 7/8 years. It is recommended to store bottles horizontally in a coll and dark place, at constant temperature and humidity.

SENSORY PROFILE: A deep ruby colour. An intense and clear aroma with hints of spices and peculiar notes given by the second fermentation on Amarone skins (Ripasso method). On the palate a good alcohol content, a medium-low acidity and evolved tannins. A full-bodied, structured, sapid, persistent, well-balanced wine.

PAIRING SUGGESTIONS: Tasty first courses; grilled, roasted, stewed and boiled red meats; medium-aged cheeses.

SERVING TEMPERATURE: 18°C. Decant the wine before serving.


Rode wijn




Italië, Valpolicella Classico, Veneto


Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella






Lees hier uitgebreide info over Novaia.

In one of the most suggestive corners of the High Valpolicella Classica, on the top of a soft hill, a wide fifteenth-century manor house dominates the Marano valley and the plain that separates it from the ancient Roman city of Verona: Novaia.

Novaia means a new court, a new family in the Marano Valley.

In the fifteenth century the Villa was built and the Vaona family moved here from the city in 1700. The Vaona Family quickly bought the surrounding lands and gained a prominent role in the local community.

With the nineteenth century the estate of the Vaona family expanded further, as attested by the notary documents of the time that included the Vaona family among the most important landowner families: the estate produces grapes, wines, oil, cherries, corn and silkworms.


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