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Cesconi is a small family owned winery based in the hills of Pressano, north of the city of Trento with a long winemaking tradition that began in 1751.


Cesconi broers

Cesconi Family

In the archives of the town of Pressano, the surname Cesconi appears for the first time in 1751. Since then the roots of the family have grown, together with the vineyards. Some documents attest to the purchase of the Olivar vineyard at the beginning of the nineteenth century. The Nosiola that grows there, thanks to the initiative of their great-grandfather Bernardino, reached Innsbruck transported on wagons pulled by oxen. Later on their grandfather Rinaldo, with the help of his son Paolo, began to supply several taverns in the nearby city of Trento with his wines. In the following years Paolo managed with great commitment, to increase the vineyard surface and finally, with the support of his sons Alessandro, Franco, Roberto and Lorenzo, the modern history of their winery begins.


Their years of experience in the vineyards led to the decision to eliminate the use of all synthetic chemicals. They set in place the conversion to Organic Farming for all vineyards and recently started using the principles of Biodynamics.The deep knowledge of the territory and the daily attention for their vineyards allows them to harvest healthy grapes, thus limiting as much as possible the intervention on the wine in the cellar.

The production of wine is accompanied by a limited production of intense and pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil, coming from centuries-old olive trees in the Valle dei Laghi, just north of Lake Garda.