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Nosiola – Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT 2019 – Cesconi 🇮🇹



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Nosiola (local variety)

Cesconi – Pressano (Trentino)

Witte wijn

Nosiola – Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT 2019 – Cesconi 🇮🇹

Nosiola is the only autochthonous white variety in Trentino, known to be existing since the 16th century in the region. Although the origin of the name has not been clarified yet, for most experts it derives from “Nocciola” (hazelnut), due to the color of the grapes and the stalk when ripe. Others believe that the aroma of the wines reminiscent wild hazelnuts. What we know is that it is a versatile variety, which like few others can produce both great world class sweet wines and still white wines, with a savory character and a crisp acidity that can age for many decades.

Once widespread throughout the Trentino region, Nosiola was mainly grown on the Pressano hill and in the Valle dei Laghi. Recently the variety has undergone a strong downsizing in favor of international varieties so much to become almost “rare”. Today it covers an area of only 65 ha. As an independent winegrower rooted in our territory and our traditions, we are happy to contribute to its preservation.


The Nosiola is planted in the highest vineyards at the edge of the forest at an altitude of about 500 meters, north-east of Pressano. Nosiola is an early budding variety and prefers high, well-ventilated and sunny areas. The vineyard has a west exposure and is placed on a fertile soil made by Dolomite rocks rich in mineral. The vines have an average age of 35 years and are trained with a simple pergola, with a density of about 3500 plants per hectare.


Part of the grapes are de-stemmed, and then macerated for 4-5 days until “the cap is formed”. At this point a cuvèe is made with the grapes directly pressed and the fermentation continues partly in stainless steel tanks and partly in large acacia barrels. Acacia allows the wine to combine qualities of wood aging along with the fine and delicate bouquet of Nosiola. The wine remains in contact with its yeast for about 9 months before being bottled at the end of the summer.


Lees hier uitgebreide informatie over Cesconi.

Cesconi is a small family owned winery based in the hills of Pressano, north of the city of Trento with a long winemaking tradition that began in 1751.


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