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Primiere – Trentino DOC 2018 – Cesconi 🇮🇹



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Pinot Grigio

Cesconi – Pressano (Trentino)

Witte wijn

Primiere – Trentino DOC 2018 – Cesconi 🇮🇹

This pink-skinned mutation of Pinot Noir, arrived to Italy from France in the beginning of 1800s. Like all grapes under the large and aristocratic Pinot family, Pinot Grigio has a very compact bunch, reminiscent of the shape of a tight pine cone from which it takes its name. It demands much more care and attention compared to other grapes and it thrives better in cool, well-ventilated vineyards.


Primiere was born with the idea to celebrate the vocation of the hilly terroir of Pressano and to highlight the uniqueness of its grapes. This Pinot Grigio comes from a single plot, named Primiere, within the 6 hectares of vineyards that surrounds the winery. These 20-year-old vines are guyot trained with a density of 7000 plants per hectare. The Pressano hill is a well-ventilated area that enjoys a continental climate. The soil is composed by sedimentary rocks rich in limestone. Known as Werfen stratification, it originated 260 million years ago, which gives to the wine a remarkable sense of place that persists with an intense mineral taste and a long finish.


The grapes are picked and carefully selected by hand. Only a portion is crushed and goes into maceration without contact with oxygen for about 12 hours. The remaining part instead is pressed with oxygen, in order to facilitate the precipitation of the tannins. The prolonged contact of the skins with the must gives the wine its coppery appearance and a more complex taste. Fermentation begins in stainless steel tank and ends in barrique, where only 10% of them is new. Here the wine remains on its fine lees for another 9 months, where malolactic fermentation is completed.


Lees hier uitgebreide informatie over Cesconi.

Cesconi is a small family owned winery based in the hills of Pressano, north of the city of Trento with a long winemaking tradition that began in 1751.


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