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Barolo and La Morra; Cerequio

About Behind the Wine

Every wine starts with a grape,
Every grape starts with a story.

A Dutch person from Arnhem, with a passion for wine, I mean quality wine!

With a background in hospitality management, I have become fascinated by wine over the years. A drink at home, wine and food pairings, and traveling to beautiful vineyards in Italy. What has stayed with me are the underexposed winemakers who produce fantastic wines in a responsible way. One can taste the love and passion in a glass.

I would love to share my experiences, stories of the winegrowers and the wines they offer through Behind the Wine.

I hope to be able to pass on my personal experiences and passion to fellow wine lovers!

What does Behind the Wine stand for?

Literally it stands for “the story behind the wine”. Knowing where the wine comes from and what choices the winegrowers have made to achieve a certain style and quality.

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Novaia vineyard Cristina
Valetti wines
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Behind the Wine is convinced that the best results are achieved combining the passion of the wine family combined with sustainable viticulture. The winegrower's choices, hard work and passion deserve more attention. Behind the Wine tries to share these experiences with you.

Behind the Grape Teis Steven

Behind the Wine



Steven van Ewijk

Behind the Wine’s purpose is to share wines from sustainable small-scale family businesses with a community of wine lovers. Before purchasing these wines, more information can be found about the wine and the winegrower, and experiences can be shared with each other.

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Steven van Ewijk

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Teis Bakker

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The harvest is done exclusively by hand. It is carried out in several stages by expert hands in order to allow an optimal grapes ripening on the plant, to guarantee warm, elegant, full-bodied, structured and long-lived wines.

The best bunches, destined for the drying-process for the Recioto and Amarone wines, are severly selected in the vineyard and carefully put in wooden boxes, which are then placed in a traditional, perfectly aerated, hillside drying-cellar at an altitude of 400 meters a.s.l., for the natural drying process.

Novaia vineyard


Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Molinari, Oseleta and Turchetta.

Valpolicella region

Wine Region

Veneto, Valpolicella net boven Verona.



The region is famous for using partially dried grapes, Appassimento.



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